Prevention of Bronchitis
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# Prevention of Bronchitis

Prevention of Bronchitis

If you have frequent or repeated attacks of bronchitis, the culprit may be the environment of where you live or work in. Combination of cold, damp locations, pollutions or smoke can make you susceptible to bronchitis whether it is acute or chronic. If that is the case you may need to consider changing your livestyle.

These measures may also help prevent bronchitis and protect your lungs in general:
  • Avoid tobacco smoke - Whether it includes your own smoke and secondhand smoke from others try to avoid it.

  • Get an annual flu shot - Most cases of acute bronchitis result from influenza. So getting your yearly flu shot can help protect you from both bronchitis and the flu.

  • Ask your doctor about a pneumonia shot - If you are an older adult, or you are at a high risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and emphysema, consider having a pneumonia shot. Vaccine are also available to protect young children against pneumonia. It is recommended that all children under age 2 and for children 2 years and older who are at particular risk of pneumococcal disease, such as those with an immune system deficiency, asthma, cardiovascular disease or sickle cell anemia. Side effects of the pneumococcal vaccine are generally minor and include mild soreness or swelling at the injection site.